Before contacting Danes-R-Us, please read the frequently asked questions below.  If your question or issue hasn't been addressed below please feel free to contact me. Emails containing questions covered in the FAQ below will go unanswered. Please, do not email if you are trying to sell me something or are contacting me about something that has nothing to do with dogs, my products or is covered in the FAQ below.  The link to contact Danes-R-Us is located at the bottom of this page...

Answers to Frequently asked Questions:

1. Where can I get a {insert color} puppy?  When will Danes-R-Us have puppies available? How much are your dogs?   Can you refer me to a breeder?
Danes-R-Us has never had, currently does not have, nor will Danes-R-Us have any puppies - Danes-R-Us does not breed and our danes are not for sale nor are they available for adoption. The dogs pictured in the Danes-R-Us Great Dane Gallery - all 750 some of them - are not mine.. therefore I cannot sell you one of these dogs. You can check DanesOnline for a breeder directory by color and location .  Or visit a rescue sight to see if any of the needy danes in your area would fit into your family. Danes-R-Us does not do breeder referrals.

2. I need a stud dog for my female - She's in heat RIGHT NOW - can you help? - PLEASE reply Fast!! ... or... I want to breed my black female with white feet and blue eyes, what color do you suggest I use?
I'm a female human incapable of helping with this issue (evil grin).  The Male dogs at Danes-R-Us are also incapable of helping you. Try placing an ad at danesonline (url above).  For breeding questions you could consult with the many people that absolutely LOVE to discuss this breeding topic at the message forums located at danesonline. I'm sure they will have just the right answers to all of your questions. Search google or other search site for Great Dane Club of America Breeder's Color Code of Ethics.

3. What's happened to all the free graphics?
The free graphics area has been changed to a rotating system. Only a small selection of graphics will be available at a time due to extensive abuse and misuse. 

4. Do you know where I can get {insert item not found on Danes-R-Us} ?
Try and search for it.

5. Do you want to buy {whatever you are offering} ?
No.  I have plenty already or have no use for any.

6. Can I get a discount?
No.  My prices are reasonable and possibly lower than any other place that offers hand crafted items of the same nature as my items.  I cannot give bulk discounts.  Bulk orders actually require more work than a small order and thus do not qualify for any discounts.  I do not sell in bulk at a discount for resale nor do I license the artwork / designs found on my site to resellers or mass merchandising gift markets.

Thank you for reading this info - if you still have a question or need info not covered above please feel free to contact me