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Please read all of the rules for using the free graphics ***BEFORE*** you download them

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All product images & sample images of artwork available for sale on products at Danes-R-Us or at Danes-R-Us Duds are off limits - Leave them alone
Many people are currently using my product images and sample artwork as web graphics - this is a no no - Only Danes-R-Us has the RIGHT to copy and or display these images thus the term COPYRIGHT

See a sample of the background here

I hate to look like I'm hollering but the information seems to be getting overlooked otherwise.

The whole point of offering free graphics is to get those who use them to give credit by displaying the name Danes-R-Us or danesrus.com where the graphics are used so that others can find their way to this site to enjoy what is offered... whether it be free things or for sale things. This site is my bread and butter - you know - pay the bills, making money, it's my business - not a toy or a game. The free graphics are a form of advertising for me and this site. You get to use them FREE in exchange for ADVERTISING where you got them. Displaying the images without proper credit means people do not even have a chance to make their way to this site - not a very fair exchange. The images that are directly tied to an item I offer for sale are not to be used as site decorations or in other ways. These are considered to be my product images or sample artworks to show what artwork will be on the purchased product. Some of these images have already been found with my markings edited out and offered for sale by others. To minimize this no product images may be used. If I find them in use a copyright notice will be sent to the site owners and their hosting providers. I For all those who have abided by the rules, thank you - to those who have not, you ruin it for those that do.

Full Acceptable Usage Guidelines for Danes-R-Us Free Great Dane Graphics

If you want to use the FREE graphics, please be sure to read the acceptable usage guidelines below which apply to all Free Great Dane Page Graphics and other Free Graphics at Danes-R-US.

Quick overview (for further details please read this ENTIRE Page) ...the following acts are prohibited:

either with a link back to Danes-R-Us or with the text "Graphics provided FREE by danesrus.com"
You get to use them FREE in exchange for ADVERTISING where you got them

  • Alteration of images is not permitted - no cutting, pasting, adding text, removing text, etc.. Use "As Is" or not at all.
  • Not for use in creating advertising banners or site logos.
  • Use on message boards as "Avatars" or "Sig" graphics is not permitted unless credit is given, as stated above, within your posts.
  • Graphics may be used on your "Blog" pages so long as credit is given ON THE PAGE.
  • Selling the graphics or Making / Selling products with or displaying the graphics is not permitted.
  • Loading directly from danesrus.com into your page is prohibited (this runs up my band width usage - I pay a hosting bill, do you?)
  • Hosting of images at sites that allow public access to all images hosted is not permitted (no credit can be given)
  • Redistributing the graphics from your site not permitted nor should they be displayed or offered as par of another free graphics collection.
  • Web Page designers who charge fees for page design not permitted to use the free graphics in the creation of client sites.
  • PLEASE READ FULL USAGE GUIDELINES  before Downloading graphics.

All free graphics are copyrighted and remain the property of Danes-R-Us.. find out more about copyright from this site:

Acceptable Usage Guidelines

The images listed on the "Free Great Dane Graphics" pages - and only those images - are free for use on your own personal WebPages. If you are a Great Dane Breeder (puppy mills, pet stores excluded) and advertise your pups or dogs for sale on your WebPages usage of these images are acceptable. Other commercial sites should inquire as to acceptability of usage of the images on their sites, this includes website designers. Restriction of free use is limited to single usage on a personal site for your own use and that you do not alter the images in any form, including re-sizing, re-coloring, adding or removing items to images (adding images into another graphics such as advertising banners is not allowed). Posting of these graphics in other free collections is not permitted. Web site designers not permitted to add these images to pages created for other people unless prior written permission is granted. Please don't link directly to the images, save the images to your own server.

A small fee may be imposed for usage on commercial sites other than Great Dane Breeder sites. While a link back to "Danes-R-Us" is appreciated, it is not mandatory, but credit is required by using this line or something similar: "Dane Art provided free by DANES-R-US", ON the page where the Danes-R-Us graphic is in use.  A link or credit MUST be provided. If you are in doubt as to whether or not you can use the images on your site, ask before you use. One more little reminder.. only the graphics included in the "free" areas are free to use.. all main site graphics, product images and sample artwork are mine and are not to be duplicated or used in any way, shape or form.

After reading and understanding that by downloading and using the free graphics you agree to all of the above rules, please make your choice below:

to continue and get free graphics:
I agree to these acceptable usage guidelines

or to go away:
too strict for me, think I'll go somewhere else

  NOTICE: anyone found not to be in compliance with the Acceptable Usage Guidelines while using the free graphics will get a link placed to their non-conforming site on a public 'Dane Poo' page.