You can use these graphics on your own web pages, but please don't sell them or make profit from them. You must give credit on every page where graphics are used - not just on a link page.

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Before you download any graphics, please review the ACCEPTABLE USAGE GUIDELINES then give us credit on the page where graphic is used and/or a link back to Danes-R-Us! All free graphics are copyrighted and remain the property of Danes-R-Us.. find out more about copyright from this site:

either with a link back to Danes-R-Us or with the text "Graphics provided FREE by"
You get to use them FREE in exchange for ADVERTISING where you got them

  • Alteration of images is not permitted - no cutting, pasting, adding text, removing text, etc.. Use "As Is" or not at all.
  • Not for use in creating advertising banners or site logos.
  • Use on message boards as "Avatars" or "Sig" graphics is not permitted unless credit is given, as stated above, within your posts.
  • Graphics may be used on your "Blog" pages so long as credit is given ON THE PAGE.
  • Selling the graphics or Making / Selling products with or displaying the graphics is not permitted.
  • Loading directly from into your page is prohibited (this runs up my band width usage - I pay a hosting bill, do you?)
  • Hosting of images at sites that allow public access to all images hosted is not permitted (no credit can be given)
  • Redistributing the graphics from your site not permitted nor should they be displayed or offered as par of another free graphics collection.
  • Web Page designers who charge fees for page design not permitted to use the free graphics in the creation of client sites.
  • PLEASE READ FULL USAGE GUIDELINES  before Downloading graphics.